About Me

Call me Tristan. I’m a third year undergraduate student at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, majoring in Computer Science. I specialize in Security within the general category of CS, and am most interested in Penetration Testing. I also really love teaching, explaining things, and talking to people, so I’ve always done my best work when working with peers. Some of my work experience reflects that- I’ve been a part of construction teams, a math teacher, run birthday parties, and been the captain of a Security Blue Team at L&C.

Computer Science is a large part of my life, but it’s far from a majority stakeholder. I’m very physically active; I do some powerlifting/bodybuilding training almost every day, and most recently ran in the 2019 Eugene Marathon in late April of this year. Primarily, I’m a martial artist; I learned MMA from Jake Erling in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If I had to choose one title to give myself, it would be Martial Artist; I’ve learned more from my work with martial arts than I could ever hope to elaborate with words. I teach Jiujitsu twice a week at the MMA club ta Lewis & Clark.

I started in science through Science Fiction. The earliest show I can remember watching was The X-Files with my dad. I’ve always been inspired by the creativity and optimism that science fiction is built on, which is why I never go too long without reading or watching some. The pseudonym I go by, Khedron (or sometimes Kh3dron, or some abstraction of that), is based on one of the characters from an Arthur C. Clarke book, my absolute favorite author.

I’m a strong believer in the freedom of information, which is part of why I’m starting this website (along with “seeking opportunities” / internships). I read a ton of books- I tend to finish one every 4-5 days (which also makes books my highest expense, despite buying mostly used, battered paperbacks- allow me to restate that I’m looking for work/internships). I mostly read about psychology, history, religion, and finance, among other things. Anything I create, I make public as much as I’m allowed to. We’re all better off when knowledge is shared.

As I said above, a large part of this website’s purpose is to flex some of my security portfolio, but I don’t want to be a pentester forever. When I’m older, I’d like to be a high school Computer Science teacher. I owe all of my success to the slate of incredible teachers I’ve come in to contact with over my life, so I’d like to try and return that favor down the line.