Road to OSCP: Week 2

OSCP work took a backseat this week, because I had some other things come up that took priority; my family came to Portland to visit, so I spent the weekend and Memorial day with them; then, on Tuesday, I moved into an apartment, so Tuesday and Wednesday were spent assembling Ikea furniture and unpacking my stuff. Finally, I had a deadline to hit at my research job, so everything just came together this week. However, being in my new place means it’ll be much easier to get work done for the rest of the summer- I’ve been crashing with my girlfriend for the last ~3 weeks, so finally getting all my stuff out bags and having a real desk to work at will make life in general much easier. 

Anyway, I did put 2-3 hours in to the Netmon box on Hack the Box; it’s really encouraging to not feel out of ideas so quickly. Last summer, I did manage to root two machines, but I had to ask for huge hints from friends at just about every step. I’m still checking the forums if I’m stuck for longer than a few hours, but it’s already a huge increase in pace. Next week I can clock alot more time into this thing, and I’ll get access to the official PWK labs next Saturday. 

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