Road to OSCP: Week 3

As promised, I got my head back in the game this week- hard. I got my first Hack the box root with no help from peers- while I did still rely on the forums and things, it’s certainly a step in the right direction regardless. I’ve got a writeup done for it, which is more in line with what the OSCP site has as a demo writeup than how I’ve been doing them in the past. 

I’ve also started working on Help, the next Hack the box machine I’ll do. I’ve made some pretty quick progress- found a CVE with some PoC code that I can almost use with some small edits. These HTB machines are all so different, it’s good to feel like I’m picking up so many different skills between each machine I work on. 

I’ve been working more on integrating more of the Kali tools into my regular workflow: for example, using Cherry Tree instead of Leafpad for notes, using Tmux instead of multiple terminal tabs or windows, and doing things like moving files around and opening programs with the command line rather than GUIs. It’s not that much different now, but over time it’s the stuff that adds up- just part of the fluency of using Kali. Next beast to tackle is using Vim instead of leafpad and sublime, I suppose. 

Next week will be the first with my official course materials, can’t wait to have a little more direction.

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