Road to OSCP: Week 4

This week, I didn’t do any lab work, and instead spent the whole week watching videos. This was my first week with the official materials for the course, so I’m going to work through those before I start working on the new network. The OSCP course gives you 146 videos to watch, which I don’t think I’m allowed to talk much about, but I’m watched through 95 of those. I’ve also been watching the Zero to Hero series by The Cyber Mentor on youtube, I’m through #6 of those. I take all my notes in google docs so that I can reach them through VM’s, and I’ve got 25 pages so far. Once I finish the 146 videos and the zero to hero course, I’ll move on to the book, Kali Linux Revealed, and then I’ll probably move on to the lab. I’ve also heard good things about The Cyber Mentor’s Buffer Overflows Made Easy course, so I could see myself coming back to that later if I need more help with those. 

It feels weird having suddenly gotten access to the real pentesting labs and ignoring them, but the right call is to keep studying first so I can start working on machines with more familiarity with the whole process later. I know that given 12 weeks to cut down a tree, it makes sense to sharpen the axe for the first few weeks, but what they don’t tell you is that it may get nerveracking to stare at the fully-unchopped tree after 5-6 weeks. But I’m not that worried, just part of the process.

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