Road to OSCP: Weeks 11+

I’m calling the OSCP Series to an end, mainly because there’s not much more to be said. I’m still working on Hack the Box, still studying, but that’s not very interesting to read about. Classes are starting up again in a few days, so I’ll be back to some more programming-related work for a few months. I’ll fit in my own pentesting practice in around that, so it’ll be more sporadic. 

Overall, this was a great project for the summer. It’s not really ending, so writing an end post about it doesn’t feel exactly in line. Nonetheless, I learned a lot, and I do enjoy this work, which is the most important thing. It was certainly much harder than I thought the whole thing would be. It’s good to be humbled- although, I’d like to think I was already humble enough, so getting destroyed by this process every other day for a few weeks wasn’t entirely needed to remind me of that.

Anyway, part of what I’m excited about for the school year is that doing more small projects gives me more to write about here than “Week X: I’m still studying” posts. Spending more time with other CS students, learning new kinds of stuff. Looking forward to it!

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