Nothing Personal, Haskell.

For a long time, I’ve felt that the education I get in school is pretty distinct from the education I give myself, or the education that will serve me best in my career or personal life. Granted, this begs the question as to why I’m in college at all- a more complex question that warrants a more complex answer than I can give in the few minutes I have here.

My fall semester began a few weeks ago, and I’m taking 4 classes:

-Education in a Complex World. The name is a little wordy, so I’m calling it “Intro to Teaching” to my friends. That’s half of it- every other day in our twice-weekly block, we shadow a teacher at a local public school; on the other days we’re reading and discussing the school system in America overall.

-Psych 100. It’s not a very challenging class, but I wanted to give myself one easier class that won’t take much time so I don’t give all my time to my classwork.

-Algorithm Design & Analysis. The name pretty much lays it out. trees, searching, the classic interview fodder stuff. Not a bad class to take, given my incoming interviews.

-Independent Study: Penetration Testing! I’m pretty excited about this one, for obvious reasons. I had another course here which would have been valuable, but highly time consuming and at times tedious (re: title). I wasn’t very excited about it, and I was really not excited about it eating into the time I could spend learning pentesting, so I dropped it (45 minutes before the add/drop period ended) and wrote up a plan with my security professor to basically keep working on my OSCP prep for 4 credits. Pretty damn good move, if I may say so myself.

So: I won’t have to cram quite so hard to get everything done. I’ve pretty much found a way to only need to take 3 courses this semester, and keep working on my side project full time.

Ain’t that a beauty.

The curriculum I’m designing will be based primarily around 3 books: Georgia Weidman’s Penetration Testing and Peter Kim’s The Hacker Playbook 2. Other than that, it’s still a bit up in the air what I’ll be doing. I’m lucky to have an advisor who trusts me to manage myself, which is what I’ll be doing. Looking forward to stepping up my game.

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