Road to OSCP: Weeks 8, 9 & 10

I’m back from my family and I’ve changed my approach up a bit. I’ve taken a break from the OSCP labs and moved back to hack the box, which so far I’m having much better results with. There’s a bit that’s lost by going back to Hack the Box, but more that I gain, hence […]

Road to OSCP: Weeks 6 & 7

No plan survives first contact with implementation. A second straight week of getting my ass kicked has caused me to reevaluate for the next few weeks, and reexamine my own intentions for how I see this thing playing out.  So, the quick update: I didn’t manage to privesc my one low shell. I was able […]

Road to OSCP: Week 5

This week was my first time stepping in to the OSCP Labs, with a lot of ups and downs.  First, I finished up my reading based side of things. I finished all the 148 videos that the PWK course gives, the Zero to Hero course, and skimming the textbook. The book I found to have […]

Road to OSCP: Week 4

This week, I didn’t do any lab work, and instead spent the whole week watching videos. This was my first week with the official materials for the course, so I’m going to work through those before I start working on the new network. The OSCP course gives you 146 videos to watch, which I don’t […]

Road to OSCP: Week 3

As promised, I got my head back in the game this week- hard. I got my first Hack the box root with no help from peers- while I did still rely on the forums and things, it’s certainly a step in the right direction regardless. I’ve got a writeup done for it, which is more […]

Road to OSCP: Week 2

OSCP work took a backseat this week, because I had some other things come up that took priority; my family came to Portland to visit, so I spent the weekend and Memorial day with them; then, on Tuesday, I moved into an apartment, so Tuesday and Wednesday were spent assembling Ikea furniture and unpacking my […]

Road to OSCP: Week 1

Since this is the first writing I’m doing here, it warrants some introduction. My name is Tristan, I’ve just finished my second year of undergrad at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. I’m a Computer Science major, and I specialize in Security within CS.  What I’m doing Over the next few months, I’m shooting […]